Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sunday Football In Style

As fall has officially arrived, there’s just one thing that can bring everyone together on Sunday afternoons; and that's football.  If you haven't already, you have got to check out the latest collection of New England Patriot’s t-shirts, tanks, and sweats in the NFL clothing collection by Junk Food. These tee’s and hoodie's come in a wide variety of vintage-inspired styles, cuts and colors.



A preview to what #VampedBoutique has to offer for Patriot's attire.  Check or stop by the store to see them all!

While we wish Junk Food solely made their super cute NFL collection for the New England Patriots alone, they carry a wide selection of teams throughout the U.S. Fashionista Kristin Cavallari recently collaborated with Junk Food in creating dresses, crop tops and skirts featuring various NFL team logo's. Parts of her line was previewed on September 10th 2013, at New York Fashion Week.  Finally, an official blend of fashion and sports, sounds like a touchdown to us!

Here, the NFL Junk Food Collection is featured in the October edition of Cosmopolitan Magazine.  Trendy, affordable, and a must have. What are you waiting for?

Go Pat's!

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