Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Favorites!!!

So we are taking a little Christmas break to let you know what some of our favorite traditions and other fun stuff!!! This time of year is such a favorite time for the both of us. For the past four years we've dressed our beautiful WHITE christmas tree with PINK (obvioulsy) and silver ornaments topped with our little star! Isn't it so cute? :)  Now since we have our store we have brought this little beauty here for all to see! Just one more reason to come into Vamped!! We love wrapping presents in super cute wrapping paper, bows, ribbon; we usually go all out to VAMP up our gifts, this time of year and every other occasion! Every year, despite how busy we can get, we always make time to have a christmas dinner with our girls & catch up so always a good time..especially with our friends!!We usually dress our dogs in obnoxious Christmas outfits that they usually hate!! Like my little man does !!

So anyways here our some of our other Christmas favorites!!

such a cool idea!!
Lauren loves Sugar Cookies
& I love making Gingerbread houses with my little buddy

So now we want to know what some of your favorites are!!
Let us know right here!!!


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